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  1. Where do you guys purchase your guns from? Any recommended dealers? I haven't been in WI for over 5 years and heading back, just wondering if there were any recommendations as I don't know any at the moment.
  2. Where in the state are you located? There is a gun dealer in N/W WI, (Baldwin) Gregorsons Hardware and they sell a ton of guns at unheard of prices. I check prices elsewhere and they beat it.:wink:

  3. I am located in S/E Wisconsin near Madison actually. Sorry for the late response, I don't frequent too often.
  4. Beloit Sport Center is not bad. Dam Road gun shop in Delevan. Stay away from Gander Mountain. They are way over priced.

  5. I second the "stay away from Gander"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wink:
  6. Gander Mountain can be a good place to check guns out to get a feel for them in person, but like the others said... way overpriced. is honestly a great place, as long as you know the gun well before you buy. Prices are great and the selection is insane. The Gun Source is Green Bay is a good one, too... worth the drive just for the prices.
  7. Thanks guys. I ended up getting a rifle and a pistol from a gentleman down in Milton. Found a few shops nearby me, but the prices were similar to that of gander mtn.
  8. Why not check out a local gun show? It's a great place to talk to the vendors, pick their brains for information and handle the gun you're interested in. :smile:
  9. the BLACK MARKET:lol:
  10. Just ordered a new one from Bud's Gun Shop online. Simple, fast, effective and way less expensive than any local dealer you're able to come across. And that includes the cost of the transfer fee.