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Discussion in 'Wisconsin Ice Fishing' started by bear, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. bear

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    Does anyone use the Hali jigs? I am just getting into ice fishing and I keep hearing about these jigs. I am going to order some but I would like to know which types work better for everyone. I will be going after walleye and perch. Thanks bear
  2. Salmon

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    If these are the ones you are looking at..I have used them to get bluegill,crappie and perch. I tip them with a waxie or a few maggots. Every now and then I get a smallmouth on it with a wax worm tipping it. Never tried them for walleyes.

  3. Spin

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    I've had good luck with them tipped with minnows for splake.

  4. Steve

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    Looks like they could be pretty hot.
  5. Hit or Miss

    I have them in my arsenal but they tend to be very hit or miss for me. I did have some good luck in them for Brown Trout. Just my 2 cents.
  6. I like the looks but I don't recall seeing them in the stores. Where might I find them?
  7. I guess no one knows where to get them or they are not talking. Oh Well!
  8. Gander Mountain

    GM has these jigs. I was there the other day in Baraboo and they had a good selection.
  9. Thanks, I will have to look harder or (heaven forbid) ask for help!
  10. Hello All. I have not introduced myself yet, but I will be getting to that in the next few days.

    I saw this post, and wanted to comment since no one has shown where to get them yet.

    Take a look at this site and I think you will find the style of jigs your looking for. www.fishyum.com It was posted a couple weeks ago on the Michigan-Sportsman site, and several guys have ordered from him with positive results.

    Actually, his tear drops are the ones I submitted for a jig swap on the MI site, and I have 2 of all his colors and styles in my box.

    Captain Jay
  11. I did find them at Gander Mt. in Wausau. Good selection. Have not tried yet.
  12. Most sport shops do have them. If not ask them to order some up. They work fairly well for me. Cisco seem to like them.

    I prefer to use a buckshot rattle spoon with a florocarbon dropper of about 6-8" with a small jig. Jig color depends on the fish. Spoon color does as well, but the perch or green glow is my got to bait. Gold and silver work good as well. Most of the time I put a smaller treble hook on the spoon and add a gob of waxies or spikes to it as well. Sometimes they will take it instead of small jig. Also helps the combo action for perch and walleyes.

  13. I just got one and will try it out this weekend. I think I will put a small treble on. The chain seems a bit light for larger eyes, pike or trout.
  14. Spin

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    Hali actually makes a whole lot of different types of jigs, the blade type of jigging spoons that are pictured in this thread but also twin hook horizontal panfish jigs, jigging plugs(similar to a Jigging Rap) very tiny and very high quality finesse jigs along the lines of a Maramooska and many others, I've seen quite a selection of Hali's at Fleet&Farm this year. Molding, paint and hooks, they are a quality lure.