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    I shoot my .22 the most, it is cheap pratice and lots of fun.Also have an old colt 1911 and just can not say enough good things about it.
    I also pick up an older model redhawk in .44 cal a while back has a 5 1/2 " barrel,I load it light so as to cut back on the recoil,and it is shooting pretty well for me.
    What do you folks shoot and do you have any favorites?
  2. I seldom shoot now but for the first 5 years on the Job I shot from 200 to 300 rounds a day, Bullets paid for by the company,357 with wad cutters, needless to say I got real tired of shooting pistols after awhile.
    I remembered it was so much fun those first 100,000 rounds or so trying to put 10 shots into a 1 1/2 circle.
    I shoot about once a year a few shots with a .22 cal now.
    sort of like eating oatmeal every day for years, get tired of it, Now that I am older I can afford any pistol but after shooting so much back then the fire's gone out. should be the oppistie, be able to afford fancy guns back then and all the bullets you need,

  3. Ya' NEVER get too old to hear something go BANG !! :wink::lol:
  4. redhawk 44mag enough to kill anything in Wis.woods!
  5. 44 mag redhawk TC 357 Max 15 inch
  6. Taurus Raging Bull 6" 44mag ... like to shoot reduced loads made out of reformed wheel weights and a lee casting set up. Easy on the pocket and the hand!
  7. I cant wait to try the 300 gain bullet in my 44 just MAN UP PEOPLE! it will be alright.
  8. Howdy. Sort of "new" here. Been lurking a while I guess.

    I shoot a Beretta PX4 in 9mm. I handload as well and actually is quite affordable. Recoil is VERY manageable unless I get into some of my beefed-up rounds, those I load for self defense.
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  9. I currently only own one handgun, .40cal Walther (real Walther, not the S&W Walther import) P99. I wouldn't say I shoot it though, it has been almost 4 years :( no place to go since I moved to Wisconsin. It's just not as outdoor sports friendly here as NH where I grew up or AK where I moved from.

    My wife has a .40cal Glock, that I shoot occasionally. I'm not a big Glock guy but I'll shoot whatever.

    My all time favorite was my .500 S&W, I sold it for a song when I left Alaska.