Have NEVER Caught A Fish In This Hole

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    I have fished this hole for 3 years now. I have caught fish above and below this specific hole. I have NEVER had a bite in this hole.

    I have had friends with that have pounded this hole.

    No one can crack the code.

    The last time I fished it I finally made excuses for not catching anything in there.

    The guy I was with laughed.

    I said maybe some worm dunkers fished it hard and that is why there are no fish in here. My friend dismissed that notion. He said it was way too remote and the weeds were not knocked down to explain that excuse.

    We were walking out and my buddy said: "The only logical reason for no trout to be in that hole is because there is "ONE" huge dominant trout in that hole that eats or scares away others and is as smart as they come and only feeds nocturnally."

    I like his reasoning.