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  1. Just wanted to introduce myself. For more of my personal bio you can check out my profile.

    I live in Michigan and have been a member of the michigan "sister-site" for the past 3 years. I'm on there on a daily basis posting, researching and such.

    I enjoy fishing the Great Lakes - especially the pier fishing that's available. I attended one year of college in the huge town of Dunbar, Wisconsin and was a huge Brewers fan while growing up in Michigan's UP. I still remember the listening in my front yard to my am radio the year Harvey took Paul M & the young Robin Y to the World Series!

    Although I am a full-time 5th grade teacher, I am currently one of the cameramen for the Jay's Outdoor Magazine television show with Mike Avery and and the primary cameraman for Fishing 411 with Mark Romanack.

    I also work part time for Precision Angling - the publishers of the "Precision Trolling - The Troller's Bible", Precision Casting, The Big Water Edition and many other crucial fishing books. We are currently working on our most exciting publication to date - and I can't wait to share the details with you at a later date!

    We are also looking into beginning a Hunting 411 show, and are starting to look seriously at filming some top quality hunting shows that do more than just show another guy shooting something...but educating the average hunter.

    Feel free to PM me for any reason...I'll be lurking

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