1. I know there is an introduction spot on here. I figure since the majority of my time on this site will be spent in this forum, I would say hello here. I am on the Michigan site, with this ID. I am also on the Indiana site as Team_Abby. I reside in Indiana, but hunt everywhere I can. I look forward to exchanging thoughts with many of you, and hopefully meeting some of you. I have hunted Grouse in Wisc. the past couple of falls. so If I have met you in my travels send me a message. Jeff

    p.s. I will dig up a pic here in a few.

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  2. Steve

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    Welcome to the site.

  3. Merimac

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    It seems that many of the folks that like bird hunting are seeking the big buck right now.... Seems quiet!
  4. Welcome to the site...
  5. Welcome, look forward to your knowledge.

    This is a great forum to learn from others. As long as we dont' get bashers like some other hunting forums have had.

    What type of dog do you hunt?

  6. type of dog

    My dog is 1/2 weimaraner 1/2 english pointer. I got her at the local animal shelter as a 9 week old pup. She is a bird hoover. We have participated in some trials the have up there in Wisconsin.

  7. Awesome, sounds like your hooked...
  8. Merimac

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    I would love to see a photo of that dog..

    Have you got any?