Help planning a Zone C hunt

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  1. Hey Guys...
    In a few months, when the lottery deadline goes online in December for next season, I'm going to be putting in for a youth transfer in Zone C for my nephew. It will his last chance before he loses his youth eligiblity. Instead of scrambling next year to learn all about Zone C, I figured I'd get a little help while it's still in the minds for this season from all you Zone C guys.

    Would the better hunting be up near the north border of Zone C, where it meets Zone B? Is there reasonable chances of using public land to bait on, without the rest of the world being all over the place? Obviously Zone C is getting closer and closer to "civilation" to the south. I live down by the WI/IL border, so driving up each weekend may be an option to bait ourself, but probably not if it would be further north into Zone C (maybe I'm wrong). Are there guys available to bait for hunters in Zone C, like other areas further north in the state, or is that option pretty limited? Any large tracts of public land that would make good bear territory, but not your weekend hikers and bikers? Anyone willing, please help me get a plan for a Zone C hunt. I've done one Zone B hunt up near the WI/MI border, but I'm thinking Zone C will be a little different planning.

    Thanks !!!
  2. there is alot of bear up by mountain in unit c just south of 64 i do alot of hunting around there. i heard of a guy that baits for people up there.i could see if i could get a name for you. or if i have time i could help you out to next year

  3. thanks Bowhunter....message me the name, when you can find it.
  4. help for zone c

    we are doing several baits for different folks and to date have gotten some nice bears. you may contact us at [email protected] for photos etc.