Here The DNR Goes Again

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  1. I was reading in my new issue of WON about a list of advisory questions the DNR is proposing for the spring hearings.One question that caught my attention was combine the pheasant and turkey stamps.They want to combine the two stamps into a single upland game habitat stamp to cover all upland game species provided it would offer a cost savings for hunters and would not result in any reduction in the revenue for turkey and pheasant programs.How would having to buy a stamp to go with my smallgame license be a cost savings for me and the rest of the hunters that don't hunt pheasant or turkey?They make no mention of how much if any of the new stamp money would go to grouse and woodcock programs:smile-mad:.
  2. i have not read this article but agree with you . when i small game hunt i usually hunt squirrells & grouse nothin else. that make me think:confused:

  3. Isn't there a pheasant and Turkey stamp right now? If you don't hunt them it is not necessary to buy them. If they combine them together the person that hunts pheasant and turkey would actually save money.
  4. NEW Stamp

    T Tom The new proposed stamp would cover all upland birds including grouse and woodcock.If you hunt any species listed as upland birds you would need the stamp.