here we go again--spearing

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  1. have heard news stories past couple of days---Indians to spear many more Walleyes 2013---will result in further bag limits for 2013---possibly 1 walleye per day in some lakes----Indians are hungry, need more walleye---Yes right---They may fish any and everyday !!!!! I have a nice mobile home in a campground in Arborvitae---I love it for relaxing and fishing---I and Wife love walleye fishing--the past few years we have put up with 3 and even 2 walleye limits---If we go to 1 , I will put trailer up for sale---I will go elsewhere-- sad because I was hoping to retire may thru Oct here and then winter possibly in Mo. , The Indians are also killing Muskies with spears all winter----Now the lake is getting over run with bass !!!! DNR does not care either, I have tried to tell them the bass are taking over, To no avail, -- Ya know, When Indians first started spearing, I remember them saying they are good stewards of the resources, When retreiving speared Walleyes, They will milk the eggs and sperm, Then produce new Walleye fry to introduce into speared lakes to keep the circle going, They have not dumped any fish into my lake for years. H H----Maybe going elswhere ! Thanks Natives