He's back

Discussion in 'Bear Hunting' started by WPGriffon, Mar 14, 2010.

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    My friend came back for his 4th year last night.
  2. Steve

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    Nice. Looks to be a decent sized bear.

  3. Steve

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    How tall and how many #'s would you say that bear would go?
  4. From the block his front foot is on to the 5th set of screws on the post is alittle over 38".As far as weight I have no idea. Maybe someone more familiar with bears could take a guess.
  5. That bear sure looks heavy for just coming out. He starts putting on some weight, and I bet he hits 500 easy!
  6. I would bet that is a boar that hasn't spent the winter sleeping. He does look heavy for this time of the year, I'm not sure that he will make 500 LB, but he is a "big un", the ears look real small. I would love to see him on one of my baits!!!
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    Here's one of the pictures I got last night of his butt end.He was licking bird seed off the ground for about 20 min.