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  1. How's the bird numbers in your area this year? I've been out probably 6 times now, woodcock seem to be pretty good, but better further downstate for some reason, and have only seen one brood of young grouse. Lots of old seasoned warriors around, but they're pretty wild.

    Getting some really pretty points, tho, and a few for the frying pan. I will try to remember to take my camera out...who says Ryman setters don't have high tails???

  2. Bird hunter- i have been running around the woods all summer. Just a ton of grouse out there this year. Most I have seen in along time. Would like to say the cycle is up, but more likely other reasons. That being the fisher population has nose dived. DNR believes they may have gotten west nile or canine parvo.

    Most of the birds I have been seeing have been off the beaten path. Overgrown logging trails. Deep on burmed up trails. Near small water holes. Not much for water around this year.

    Hope this helps you a bit.

    Steve White
    White's Woods & Waters

  3. Fishers

    I just saw some photos of a fisher on a WI beat bait that were taken really recently, like last weekend, on the MI Sportsman site. Trying to get the guy to post those photos over here-they were too cool...a sow bear, too.

    Fishers are awesome animals, but deadly on grouse, martens, too...I don't think we need very many...:tdo12: