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    Hi to all on the board,I think this is my first post the this board but I think you guys need to see what you mite run into this deer season.

    One of the guys I hunt with and I went out to check a few deer stands on Friday after noon .The first time we seen him, he was standing in the middle of the trail.I thought it was a black lab at first,because we don't have wild pigs this far north. We talked about the encounter while we check the stands. After checking the stands we were walking out and found him standing on the side of the trail. I could not shoot him because there was a tree in the way. He seen me and turned and ran over the hill. I walked in, to look over the hill to see if I could see him. I walked around a stump and here he was standing about 10 feet from me in the small pines. As I turned to shoot the turned and gave me a shot. I hit him a little high but behind the shoulder. We backed out and returned in the morning to find him still alive. When we found him he charged and I finished him with the 44 mag.I would have like to finish him with the bow but I didn't want to get the other guys that were helping me to get hurt. He is about a 120-130 pounds and is about a year old. This is the first wild pig I know of that has been harvested in Oneida county.
  2. wow, that's amazing. I never new Wisconsin had wild pigs..

  3. Crazy-

    I have heard of a few of them up in the UP of Michigan here and there but never in Wisconsin. Wild!
  4. Very cool. Now you've got your own "almost-Canadian bacon". Let us know how it cooks up.

    They're supposed to be around where we gun hunt in Eau Claire county, but I have yet to see one. Here's the WI DNR map of their range.


    They can be taken with any small game license at any time with no limit. If you're on your own property, they can be taken without a license also.
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    Shoot all the hogs you see. They are prolific breeders and wreck havoc on the habitat.
  6. In Wisconsin, if you see hogs in the field or forest, you are to shoot them. They are feral and considered a nuisance. I am not even sure you have to have any kind if license to shoot them.
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    Looks like ham this thanksgiving.
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    Wow! Never seen one over here in Forest county. I'll have to poke around and see if any of the locals have seen any. I have been busy looking over my shoulder for a lion in the area though.
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    You should have been looking over your shoulder all your life. There have been big cats up here for a long time. I the later 80s Was the first time I seen a mountain lions. Scents then I have seen 5 more from Rhinelander to Crandon.
    one of them was hit by a car on high way 8 a few years back by a truck. I was called out to look at the cat. When the DNR officer got there, they tried to tell us that it was a big bob cat. I don't think bob cats have long tails and wights 80 pounds with a radio tacker around his neck.
  10. Sometime in the mid-90's a guy near Millston (between BR Falls and Tomah) said he saw one during gun deer season. Everyone at the reg. station laughed him off until a couple more were seen the following years around there. LaCrosse County has a bunch of sightings every year if I'm not mistaken.

    They've got wolves in that same area too. The "Necedah band" is live and doing well. Ask anyone who hunts Fort McCoy.
  11. Feral pigs are going to be a really problem in WI & MI before we know it. I have been on hunting forums and discussed the problem with DNR people. The farmers as of yet won't let people on their property to hunt them. Also, they don't want it known that there are hogs in their area. For whatever reason they don't want it to be known. They are just helping to increase the population of the destructive rodents. There is a lady at the DNR that deals with the issue of the hogs. She is very informative and nice in all responses.
  12. Our crew of 10 hunters had our eyes peeled for 'em last weekend up in Eau Claire county. Would've been a nice addition had we seen any..
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  14. What pisses me off, is that the DNR makes you buy a small game licence. There is no reason a licenced gun deer hunter should have to pass up the opertunity to shoot a wild hog. DNR greed is ruining this state.
  15. Congrats on a fine Pig!

    I don't think that $20 for all that meat is to bad of a deal! I buy a CP license every year so I'm covered if and when I come across one. If there is one Hog, there is more, they are here to stay, for good. We just need to keep them in check. I believe they breed twice a year and at a very young age and have like 10 or so piglets! Thats a lot of hogs!