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  1. I tried to Spam URLs, but was prevented by WisconsinOutdoorsman.com management. Please bring me to the attention of the moderation staff.
  2. Steve

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    Welcome to the site Flintlocker. After 5 posts (you are very close) you will be able to post URL's. That's why you got the message you did above. We have this limit to prevent the spam that was so prevalent when we started this forum.


  3. Didn't think I was posting a URL, but OK. Maybe this one will do the trick!
  4. There it is!

    I've been lurking for a bit. Hope you guys enjoy your site as much as the guys in Indiana enjoy indianasportsman.

    I have always enjoyed the natural beauty of the Badger state as we drove thru on our way to a fishing vacation spot which will remain nameless. :lol: You guys are blessed with an awesome sporting environment. When we start traveling for our vacations again, we plan to try Wisconsin. Till then, I'll listen, lurk and scout for my next vacation!
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    Ah, I know what it was. It was the smilely you posted. It is considered an image and will be flagged as spam until you have 5 posts.