Hi everyone!

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  1. Hello everyone. I just moved to Vernon County(SW Wisc) from Northwest Iowa. I love to fish and hunt and can't wait to start doing both in this beautiful state. It looks as if I may have to learn to hunt Turkeys!

    What's the waterfowl hunting like where I am?

  2. Welcome

    Waterfowl hunting in WI. is very dependant on the migration after the first week or so of the season. Local birds are shot off or pushed out and then you have to wait for fresh birds to move in. If your good at scouting for birds you should have some good hunts. I don't know what the goose hunting is like down there?

  3. I think most people in Vernon County will be going over to the Missisisipi to hunt ducks. Welcome to the great state of Wisconsin, what brought you east?
  4. Thanks for the welcome! Work brought me east. My wife and I were looking to raise our family in the same type of small town setting we grew up in and there was a good job opportunity here. It was an easy choice to make. We absolutely love it here and I'm spending my free time fly-fishing.