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    I found your site while visiting over on Afarcray ad decided to check it out nice job on the lay out i decided to joy up and plan on stopping in otfen for a visit.
    I am 62 yrs old retired /disabled from falling out of a treestand and broke my back.
    I still deer hunt but not like i used to no more tree stand hunting.
    I love to turkey hunt with my crossbow it gets my blood going:wink:
    I have my own website in connecticut .........Andy
  2. Hi Andy

    welcome! Sorry to hear about your back accident-you should tell us about it, it's a learning lesson for everyone. I hear about similar accidents every year.

    Have you ever visited our beautiful state?

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    Well Birdhunter its a long story if you want to hear i will post it here if its ok with steve.
    I decided to go hunting one morning the nightbefore i set the alarm clock and come morning i woke up late because the alarm didnt go off so i was rushing around and headed out the door to go to my stand.
    After driving for a half an hour and walking in the woods for 20 minutes i got to my stand i soon relized i forgot my safety harness .
    I said to my self i feel safe sitting in the ladder stand being only 15 feet off the ground.

    Well around 730 or so i had to stand up in the stand and as i turned i felt something slip the next thing i know is i am falling backwards trying so hard to catch myself,i fell on my back landing on top of my gun.
    My first reaction was to jump up as i did i felt the pain go down my legs and back, i fell back to the ground and started to urinate on myself.
    I started to go into shock and fought from passing out.
    I tryed to think i knew i was in trouble i remembered i had my cell phone but where was it?
    I remembered it was in my backpack on the ladder stand i tryed to move but the pain was over whelming every time i tryed to reach the stand i felt like passing out.
    Finally i got it and tryed to call my hunting buddy no one was home.
    I had no one else to call except my wife i was to far in the woods for the emts to find me so i called her she started to cry i told her to stop i needed her and she knew where i was hunting.
    it wasnt long before i heard my truck coming down the logging road she drove right up to me and helped me in the passenage side of the truck after a very painful ride to the hospital
    I was in the ER.
    They did a number of xrays and found i burst L1 verabrae ,this was a small country hospital that didnot have the doctors that specailized in backs.
    So i got transfered to another hospital once i got there they took me to the tramer unit and did more test checking to see if i could feel my toes and other parts of my body which i could ,the pain was really bad i beg for something to ease the pain... Part two coming
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    Part two.

    After being in the trama unit all day and all night they finally put me in ICU i had a morhine drip going the doctors wanted to operate then they would change their minds this went on for a week finally they decided to put a body brace on me i stayed in the hospital for another week then they transfered me to a rehab unit i stayed there for 25 days then went home to a hospital bed with a visiting nurse that came every day.
    After about 18 weeks i started to feel better i started to get around.
    Then it happened i went outside and was walking in my yard and slipped and fell in a small hole the back pain got worse and i ended up back in the hospital on more meds .
    Now i had no choice they need to operate to remove the verabrae 8 hours on the operating table and being in the hospital for 2 more weeks i went to rehab for 30 days and came home to a hospital bed and visiting nures.
    I was on oxycoden for 6 months then morphine which i still take after 2 years i am still in pain but i dont let it stop me i still go hunting from the ground with a crossbow which i got a permit to use.

    I just hope that this does not happen to anyone else ,i know it happens every year some guys are not so lucky like me i can still walk ....
  5. Welcome to the site! Sorry to hear about your accident, But glad you can still get around and enjoy the woods and hunting!
  6. wow

    What an ordeal...hang in there, bud, we're pulling for you. What did you slip on, did you ever figure that out?

    Maybe Steve can cross post this to the archery and deer hunting forums, it's something all tree stand hunters should read.

    I have never been interested in hunting from on high...I am afraid of heights...

    probably a good thing...:tdo12:
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    Birdhunter i never figured it out everything happened so fast it was like the blink of the eye.
    I am still dealing with pain after 3 years .
    I talked to a few folks at the hospital i go for my follow ups and there are so many hunters that fall each year.
    A friend of mine fell this past fall 25 feet and didnt break a thing but he was dam sore ,the racket strap he had holding the stand to the tree broke he was just climbing down and had his safety belt off.
    I will never climb another tree as long as i live,i started hunting from the ground with a crossbow seeing i cant draw a compound anymore its getting down and personel with the deer i had them walk up to me as close as 3 feet away and eat maple leaves from my blind..
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    Hello, and welcome to the site.