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    I was wondering if anyone knows where there have been hog sightings in Wisconsin? I've tried following up on the sightings reported to the DNR without much luck. If you know a landowner who wants their hog problem taken care of, please let me know. I've never hunted hogs and I really want to, but going to Texas or Georgia for a guided hunt seems a lot like cheating. No offense to those who have gone on a guided hunt.
  2. WDNR has a map on their web site that shows where the problem areas are. I happene to have 15 acres in one of those areas. I dont get down there too often to hunt it since my main hunting grounds has 13 times the land to hunt so I can not say if this is the case (haveing a problem or just sightings) I have hunted it though a few times and have not seen any evidence to this. This would be in north west clark county about as far as you can go in those directions.
    Here is a link to it http://dnr.wi.gov/org/land/wildlife/Images/Publ/factsheets/pig/WisconsinFeralPigMap.pdf