How big is this bear?

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  1. I am relatively new to bear hunting and have little experience judging bears. Any guesses at the bear’s weight would be appreciated. So far this is the best one coming in. Will post picctures soon as I figure out how.
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  2. Here it is hope this works!


  3. Steve

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    I fixed it for you. That look to be a big one.
  4. Tuff to say with out full view and a known size in picture to compare it to. Being the ears don't look big I would say it's a shooter and neck is good size. Best guess of weight is 300 lbs live.
  5. I would second that 300 pound guess, but it is hard to really tell from this picture. Small ears and big neck normally mean a good bear. Looks like he might be a fighter...are those claw marks on his side??
  6. Without full picture I would guess 400 or more. It looks like his belly is sagging the best I can tell from the pic. Usually with a saggy belly they are 400+. Good Luck!
  7. Thanks for all the input hopefully he keeps coming for another 2 weeks.
  8. Not claw marks on his side that is where the fur sometimes gets thin. If I had to guess from that pic maybe 275. She looks short but stocky. Big neck but not really a sagging belly. I do not think it it a 300 pound bear but that picture is very un fair to ask a weight from lol.
  9. I gotta agree with slam, that looks to me to be 400 or more... but it's so hard to tell without seeing the whole photo and how much fat he's got on him. Sure does have a decent neck mass.
  10. Look at the size of the muzzle compared to the rest of the bear.