1. I was recently checking shot prices on the internet and found several sites at $25. Recob's Target shop was $24.99.They will ship 2 bags for $11.45.I stopped at Gander Mnt. this a.m. and found them to be asking $39.99:tsk:.I couldn't find a clerk to find out if the shot was guaranteed to hit everything you shoot at for that price.
  2. For $15.00 a bag difference you can drive to Sauk City and still save money buying at Recobs. Gander is over priced on everything.

  3. I second that. Only time I buy there is last resort or if there is a 1/2 price sale.
  4. I cant stand the prices at Gander. Look at leads $25 for a box that every one else sells for $15-19.
  5. Gander Mountain is so freaking over-priced on ammo. I've never bought ammo there and probably never will unless they have a ridiculous sale.
  6. I think the idea of getting the shot prices is through Recobs, It sounds well and if some one is satisfied here after getting the experiment then we may adopt this one.
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