How did we ever survive...

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  1. Remember when..CWD was discovered...then it was west nile virus...then mad cow disease...then avian(bird) flu...then VHS(fish) swine flu. How did our great grandparents survive without all of these biologists/scientists/doctors/MEDIA telling them what they were going to die of?!!?!!
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    How did we all survive without wearing helmets while riding bikes?

  3. And if all that doesn't get us, the lead from the bullets in our venison will.:confused:
  4. I try to shoot my deer in the base of the brain, in hopes of knocking the CWD right out of them!:lol:
  5. Steve

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    Not to mention the lead from our split shots that we bit down onto the line.
  6. how did we survive

    And now we have swine flu to get :smile: