How Do You Explain Catch And Release Season To A Kid?

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    It was 6 years ago. My daughter was 10 years old. We were fishing panther martins on a local stream.

    Anna had a monster hit. I could see the huge trout flailing away near shore. It was a gill hook up. There was a cloud of blood already behind its gills. I knew this one was going to die that moment.

    I waded in and netted it. Anna and I unhooked the trout and carefully attempted to revive the fish for over 30 minutes. There was no reviving of it. This one was dead. She had been pestering me the entire time we were reviving it to get a photo of it. She said no one will believe she caught such a big trout. I told her that we needed to give this trout every chance to live and no photos were going to be taken unless we were sure it was going to die.

    We talked about the dead fish and how wasteful it was to just let it go and let the other creatures eat it. I guess she understood a little at age 10 but it really seemed wrong and against everything my father had taught me about wasting fish or game. We took one photo of her and her monster brown and sent it belly up downstream. The evolution of trout fishing?