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How is gun season going ???

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by OwnMoreBone, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. I am hear from quite a few people that the gun season is a slow this year. Also, the EAB has come up a lot in discussions. Some had to pass on nice bucks because of it.
  2. A very slow year for us. Both kids never saw a deer on opening day. We are primarily bowhunters, so we knew there would be few sightings.

    We did kill a doe yesterday. Being adjacent to a cwd unit, we have been in eab for awhile, and doubt we will ever be out of eab any time soon.

    Next year we will continue to do some bowhunting on our property, but the gun season will be done in a different unit.

  3. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    At least you got some meat in the freezer.
  4. Things were pretty slow in my part of the UP, but fortunately they are beginning to pick up. Spent many mornings and afternoons on stand without a deer sighting which is very unusual. Last night I saw 15 different does/fawns. In Michigan we can hunt with our rifles until Nov. 30th so I still have time to score.
  5. Yes we did! It was a safe hunt, away from the business, and outdoors with family.
  6. Saw three different bucks last night. They were feeding among the does and fawns. Nothing big enough to shoot, but they should look good next year.