How is the turkey population doing in your area?

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Turkey Hunting' started by JW!, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. I have been told through some of my early AT&T Scouting (aka Phone calls to the landowners) to ecpect yet another yr of winter killin the Wisconsin Dells area.


    How is your area doing?

  2. A friend that is Coyote hunting is finding dead deer in the woods so I would guess that the turkey are hurting here also. (Merrill) But I will be hunting down around Blue Mounds this spring.

  3. I have been seeing large groups of birds around Wausau, and between Wausau and the Fox Valley. Have not yet heard of much winter stress but time will tell. I hunt near Iola. the land owner says the birds are in good shape, large groups feeding at his corn crib. I am looking forward to a good hunt. Always do!
  4. hey there, JW!

    Glad to see you over here! I am hoping for the best, but it looks like this might be one of the toughest winters in decades...really bad news for birds that aren't getting regular chow.

    In fact, by now, I bet it's already too late. I am just hoping that people are feeding the birds, does anyone know of any organized feeding programs? It's not right that the farmers should be responsible for supporting these birds, and many of the silos and corn fields won't hold up much longer, anyway...

    then what? A shame, cause Wisconsin had some of the best bird numbers in the country.

    Guess we'll all have to head south-Tennessee, right, JW? :wink:

    Wish I could afford it, the price of their non-resident tags alone stops me...
  5. ya but you need to look at that fee and divide by three.

    You are allowed 3 birds - 1 per day

  6. more than that...

    Unless they've made a vain attempt to get reasonable, last I read it was five...which I'll bet one or two people in TN, who are independently wealthy and have thousands of acres of guarded private land, accomplish.

    That whole thing is a cop-out...most of us are lucky if we can get one bird a season.

    In Ohio, they let you take son has lived there for almost ten years, hunted all over the state, and has taken two birds, total, in ten years. He's young, quite able, and can hunt almost every day until 9:30 or 10 in the monring since he's his own boss. He tells me he's still looking for areas that have more than two birds, total, much less two in one season.

    Michigan's in pretty good shape, where they still only allow one bird, but it's the same private land mantra in southern Mcihigan, and in northern Michigan, if it weren't for the feeding the sportsmen and property owners do in the winter, there wouldn't be any birds at all.

    Increasingly, hunting regulations in all the states are hype...not reality.