How many bows have your used?

Discussion in 'Archery Tech' started by Steve, Dec 13, 2007.

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    I'm only on my third in almost 20 years. When I upgrade I try to do it right.
  2. I still have mine from 1962 a solid fibreglass I Bought in NJ when I was in the service, $12.00 and one from 1967 a Bear recurve at Meijer's for $26.00 and a few others I made myself, owned one compound in all those years, Never much cared for those... Gave My first bow I bought 1n 1955 to my brother-inlaw in the 60's, a wood lemon wood bow, don't know what happened to it
    Just gave a Fly rod to my oldest boy that I bought in 1963 and a old tackle box from that time period, I still have a few lures my brother gave me in 1954, quit using them after awhile because he gave them to me.. got my Wetherby over and under I bought in the 70's
    Man I just own old junk stuff
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  3. I have had to may bows to count over the years. I had an old Proline CR 42 for 12 years. After that it was 2 bows a year for quite awhile. The wife kind of put the brakes on my buying lately. So I am staying with my Ross CR334 for a little while.
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    I know some guys who get one every year. Would seem like a pain to do all that setup every year. It takes me quite a while to get comfortable with a bow.
  5. I just upgraded to my third compound this year. Started with a PSE NOVA. shot for 2 season when I was 12 I think, then bought a High Country Phantom II when they were all the rage in the early 90's. Hunted with that until this year when I bought a Reflex Highlander which has been a good upgrade. Now I am looking at moving into traditional bows for some more variety
  6. Steve,
    The bows now a days are pretty shooter friendly. If a person has shot for awhile it takes miminal time for set up.
  7. Yep OwnMoreBone is right Steve, but you should buy what the competitors are trying to do .........

    Catch Us If You Can !!!!!
  8. Walleye-1, don't go there please !!!! They have been caught, gaffed, and filleted. :lol::lol:
  9. Steve were you at Fort Dix or McGuire ..I was at McGuire in 1962 I worked in the SAGE Bldg,,I could not wait to get out of that state.
  10. I'm on my 3rd, Darton, Hoyt Striker II and my latest a Bowtech Mighty Mite!
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    My latest is a Bowtech Guardian. Don't think I'll need to upgrade anytime soon.
  12. Steve,
    The Gaurdian will serve you well for a long time to come.:biggrin:
  13. 2 1/2 bows in 31 years. I am to the point in my life that I plan to live it up more often. All the kids just left the home for college (not that they dont cost me a arm and a leg still) and I feel its time ti pamper and spoil myself. I am joining an archery club this month. I plan to get my wife hooked up with a bow and gopefully she will shoot league with me.
    I made the mistake of a lifetime when I was 17. I had a used bear bow that did not fit me whatso ever. I shot instintive and was aweful. (I do not count that bow) I wanted a bow real bad that I could shoot better but could not afford one. I did have a coast to coast 30-30 bolt action rifle that I loved but did not use anymore since I had just got a hand me down 30-06. I traded this lovely gun for a (CAM) bow. A flat shooting noisy as all hell ugly bow. I shot it well though. It had a sight box on it . WOW what a difference, I could look down the string and not be all contourted and such. After I had a 10 point buck at 22 yards jump my string (BIG TIME) darn arrow flew about 3 inches higher than where I aimed (still would of been a great shot) but he ducked to friggen low the arrow slid on top of his back and cleanly missed! THATS IT!!!! I said. I was able to get a loan from my grandparents for $175 bucks to finanace my first real bow set up for me. It was a hoyt "Rambo". 235 feet a second of sheer happiness. 20 plus years later I upgrade to another hoyt. 5 years later I am ready for another! LOL
    Thats my story. All the "snot nosed" young hunters that think they have been "abused" becasue they dont have top notch equipment I just roll my eyes at! How many guys have had to take a loan to buy their first real bow. (rancid, I never thought of nor did I know how to make one or I just might of)
  14. Started back in 1963 at the age of 3 with a stick and string and wood dowels for arrows. Tormented the heck out the squirrels.
    In 1971 I got a solid fiberglass bow and some bear arrows. Hunted with that till Bear came out with the Polar LTD. My dad bought him and I one of them. Very cool dad! Shot that for quite a few years and then went to a Martin Cougar Mag. That was a nice bow!!
    Then moved up to a PSE Fire Flight Express with cams and over draw. Two years ago I went and bought a Mission X4 with a higher let off to not punish my shoulder more than it has been.
  15. I think WATERDOG should get the prize! That was an awesome story of advancement in Tech! From about the bare basic nothing to the top line. The difference each bow made I bet was amazing!