How many days have you ice fished this year?

Discussion in 'Frontpage Polls' started by Steve, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    Let's take a poll.
  2. not enough...

    it's been too durned cold...:wink:

  3. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    I'm afraid the warmer weather we are getting now is going to shut down the season early.
  4. Not many responses to the pole. Guess not many ice nuts on this site. Will be on Bay De Noc this comming weekend. Hope for a good bite.:bouncy:

  5. Just got back from Escanaba and Gladstone today and the word I got was the bite is slow right now. But with the weather change who knows it could turn on also!
  6. I hear go to north end. South of Gladstone is slooooow. Did you fist the jug?