How To Prepare New Traps For Water Trapping

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  1. **** If you’re a beginner like me to the trapping world, you have to look around the internet to find out how to go [​IMG]about getting things ready for hitting the water to harvest some furs.* One of the Up North Journal staff members and myself recently took up trapping and we just got our conibears ready for the upcoming Michigan water trapping season.*

    **** Since muskrats, mink*and other water critters are not sensitive to human scent, you need not worry about going through the whole boiling, dying and waxing process.* We purchased a liquid called “Speedy Dip”, this product makes it simple to dye and coat your traps for the water.*

    **** Before we used this product we first needed to get the grime and oil from the traps that was on them from the manufacturer.* I simply put all the conibears into a bucket of water mixed with about a half cup to a full cup of salt.* This salt water mixture breaks down the oils and gets at the metal to start the rusting process.* I then laid out the traps to air dry which also put a rust coating on them.* This rust layer helps the metal take the dye that you are going to apply to them.[​IMG]

    **** After laying out a day or so, you can then mix your Speedy Dip according to the directions.* The brand we used called for a quart of Speedy Dip mixed with one gallon of Gasoline, make sure to use in a well ventilated area!* After sloshing around the traps in this solution for a minute or so, pull them out and inspect them to make sure you [​IMG]have full coverage on your traps.* Next hang them up for another day or so to dry, that’s it!* They are now ready to use to catch those pesky critters!

    **** As a side note, make sure you have chemical gloves on when placing your hands in this solution!* Rubber gloves will break down and so will anything made of thin plastic!

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