How would you fish this?

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    What would you use? Describe the set up.

    Explain your rational on how you plan on hitting the hole.

    Browns and brookies and maybe a wayward TIGER present.

    Wisconsin in the middle of May. No obvious hatches.

    This was his first cast in the hole.

    The angler caught four trout in this hole.
  2. Steve

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    Well first I'd try a small generic nymph with delicate presentation. Use weighed nymph depending on how deep the hole is (which I really can't tell from the picture). If that didn't work, I'd switch to a streamer and rip it. Something like a Mickey Finn for starters, then some Zonkers.

  3. I would start with a San Jaun Worm against the mud bank, then a weighted bead head nymph along the bottom. Finish with a green mylar grub. I really don'y have much luck with streamers. Probably don'y know how to present them.
  4. Steve

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    Gotta strip and rip those streamers.
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    A Big Smile

    photo taken 20 seconds after above photo.
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    Do I see an indicator on that rig?
  7. spinner

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    orange bio strike

    was first time on the water for the guy for 50 years.
    He had fished once for trout prior. I wanted to give
    him every extra tool to catch trout. His casting was
    not bad....he ended up doing some good roll casts and
    half a day landing 22 wasn't bad either.
  8. Steve

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    Not bad at all.