Hunters and landowners reminded of feral pigs' negative effects on Wisconsin wildlife and...

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    Contact(s): Mike Zeckmeister, DNR wildlife supervisor, 715-635-4090

    SPOONER, Wis. - Hunters and landowners in northern Wisconsin are reminded to be on the lookout for feral pigs as they head out into the woods for fall hunting seasons.

    These pigs have a number negative impacts on the landscape, including disease, habitat degradation, competition with native wildlife for food sources, crop damage, threats to human safety, and many more.

    Feral pigs are an unprotected wild animal in Wisconsin, may be harvested year-round, and have no hunting hour restrictions (except during gun deer hunting seasons, when normal hunting hours must be followed). A hunting license is not required to shoot a feral pig on your property, but it is important to remember that a small game, archery, sports, or patron license is required to shoot a feral pig elsewhere.

    If you see a feral pig on your land or while out hunting, the department asks that you shoot the animal. It is recommended that landowners or hunters wear rubber gloves when butchering or field dressing the harvested animal.

    If you cannot remove the animal, please contact your local DNR Wildlife Biologist. The department is requesting the public's help by reporting feral pig sightings or harvest through an online reporting form.

    For more information, visit and search keywords "feral pigs."

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