Hunters register 276,985 deer in November hunt

Discussion in 'Outdoor News' started by Steve, Dec 2, 2008.

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    WDNR Central Office - MADISON - A call-around count of deer registration stations across Wisconsin conducted by Department of Natural Resources staff has yielded a preliminary kill tally for the just-ended 9-day ...

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    No Deer In Sheboygan Co

    I Hunted all 9 days and saw only 4 deer.I think the deer number that the DNR estimate each year are dead wrong. For the 2009 season im looking at two choices and both are gonna cost me more money than previous years.Im gonna either lease land in a trophy buck area or im gonna book a guided deer hunt in Wi.I guess im stumped as to were the DNR are counting all these deer because for our unit they are dead wrong.

  3. Steve

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    Does Wisconsin have an official deer registration or is it just a Guesstament like Michigan?
  4. Hunters are

    Required to register all kills within 48hrs in the county of kill. But I'm not sure everyone does. I only saw 4 deer also and I hunted every morning and all evenings but 2. Almost everyone that I talked with saw fewer deer this season than last. I want to muzzleload hunt but the weather has been tough.:irked:
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    So it's still a lot better estimate than we have here in Michigan.
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    Lots Of Questions

    Now that im looking to lease land,does anyone have any idea where
    a good unit would be to start looking?
  7. deer count

    I'm sure there's a lot of deer taken that aren't taken in to the checks. I'll also bet there's a lot of deer taken by people who don't have licenses.
  8. Weather Issues

    I believe the hard winter in 2007 not only killed a lot of deer but also made for does to give birth to many less fawns. Then when you throw in the storm and floodings in January I believe a lot of the fawns were drowned. Those two issues in my opinion is why people saw less deer this firearm season. I may be wrong but I don't thinks so.

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    I think soup is right about last winter being hard on the deer population. I've never seen as many winter kills as I did this past spring while shed hunting. Most were yearlings but I did find some adult deer also and I lost count somewhere around 25 dead deer and found quite a few more after that. There's no doubt that earn a buck and liberal doe tags has played a major part in reducing numbers too, however I think that everyone needs to consider that what we've all seen as far as deer numbers in past years, were certainly excessive.
    I definitely can't speak for people in other regions of the state but where I hunt, in past gun seasons I would see upwards of 15-20 deer on opening day....that's sitting in one tree and only watching a large ravine maybe 300 yards across. Even if I somehow managed to see half the deer in the square mile around me I was hunting in an area with over 30-40 deer per square mile! That's a pile of deer and a ticking time bomb waiting for a harsh winter or a disease to rear it's ugly head.
    It's fun to see lots of deer but for the sake of the herds health, we need to adjust our thinking and accept lower deer numbers. I am in no way condoning the WI DNR's decisions or their methods for estimating herd numbers because they are idiots and obviously don't know how to manage Wisconsin's deer herd.
    The biggest problem with managing the herd is that you can't control hunter density and that is where the mismanagement comes in. If you have a square mile that is made up of 9 different parcels that all have individual families hunting within their own parcel you knock the deer population in that section down significantly if not nearly wipe it out in one season of liberal doe harvest. Just down the road where a section may be owned by one or two landowners that only hunt with a few people on each parcel.....well now they can't possibly even kill enough does and their herd stays above goal.
    These examples are oversimplified for the sake of explanation but I think that they are the reason that alot of people are upset with how their season went. I hope I don't offend anyone with this post but this is my honest opinion on the subject....and I know how heated this subject can get. Just my .02 cents