Hunters, trappers, spearers reminded of Aug. 1 permit application deadlines

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    Hunters, trappers, spearers reminded of Aug. 1 permit application deadlines

    Fall turkey, Horicon & Collins zone goose; sharp-tailed grouse, sturgeon and furbearer

    MADISON – Hunters, trappers and spearers are reminded that applications for harvest permits for fall wild turkey, Horicon and Collins goose zones, sharp-tailed grouse, bobcat, otter and fisher, and 2009 Upriver Winnebago System sturgeon spearing season are due August 1.
    Fall turkey

    There will be 95,700 wild turkey permits available to hunters for the fall 2008 turkey hunting season, an increase of nearly a thousand over the 2007 fall season. Permits remaining after the drawing will go on sale beginning at noon on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008. Because the number of leftover turkey permits for the fall season is only a quarter of spring sales, DNR customer service and licensing officials do not expect computer problems with fall sales. In addition, the agency has been working with the private vendor that handles permit sales to make changes to the computer system to better handle high sales volumes, and backup plans are in place to avoid having hunters have to wait in line as they did last spring. Additional work continues by the licensing system contractor and DNR staff to ensure that the problems that caused last spring's computer crash are not repeated.
    Horicon and Collins zone Canada goose

    Wisconsin is divided into three Canada goose management zones -- Horicon, Collins, and Exterior -- and hunters are restricted to hunting in only one zone. Hunters must apply to hunt in either the Horicon or Collins zone by submitting a permit application by August 1. Hunters may purchase Exterior Zone permits through the close of the Exterior Zone Canada goose season.
    Drawings for Horicon and Collins Goose zone seasons will take place in late August. Anyone wishing to change their Horicon or Collins application choice may do so online by the August 1 deadline or by contacting the DNR anytime before the drawing takes place in late August, toll-free at 1-888-936-7463.
    Public hearings on the proposed 2008 Wisconsin waterfowl season will be held around the state August 5-7. The state Natural Resources Board (NRB) is scheduled to act on the season at its August 13 meeting. The Department of Natural Resources is proposing a waterfowl season that includes two Horicon zone periods, one running Sept. 16 through Nov. 2 and a second running Nov. 3 through Dec. 16. Hunters are expected to receive six harvest tags. All seasons and tag allocations are tentative until following the August 13 NRB meeting.
    Sharp-tailed grouse

    Four sharp-tailed grouse management units have grouse permits available in 2008. The number of permits available by unit are: 700 permits for Unit 2; 50 permits for Unit 8; 100 permits for Unit 9; and 25 permits for Unit 10. Sharp-tailed grouse units use the same boundaries and designations as deer management units (DMU). Drawings for sharp-tailed grouse take place in mid-September.
    Bobcat, Otter and Fisher

    Bobcat, otter and fisher harvest is highly regulated to protect furbearer populations. Harvest is based on population estimates, with the number of permits based on previous success rates and, for bobcats, awarded observing the number of preference points a person has earned.
    2009 Upriver Winnebago Sturgeon spearing application

    An annual lottery sturgeon spear fishery began on the Upriver Winnebago system lakes in 2007. Spearers need to apply for an Upriver Lakes sturgeon lottery tag by August 1 to participate in the 2009 Upriver season. Applicants who are successful in the drawing will be notified by Sept. 1 and must then purchase an Upriver Lakes sturgeon spearing license before Oct. 31. Group lottery applications of up to four persons are accepted. The Upriver system includes Lakes Butte des Morts, Winneconne and Poygan.
    Applications can be done on-line, over the phone or at license outlets
    There is a $3 fee for each individual permit application. Applications can be purchased: over the Internet through the Online Licensing Center; by calling toll-free 1-877-WI LICENSE (1-877-945-4236); at license sales locations; or DNR service centers during their regular business hours (check service center link for hours of operation, which vary by service center; service centers are closed Saturdays). In addition to the fall turkey application, hunters must also purchase a 2008 Fall Turkey License and Stamp unless they are currently a 2008 Conservation Patron license holder or have already purchased this license and stamp.
    Fall seasons for these species are as follows:
    • Wild Turkey: Sept. 13 – Nov. 20.
    • Horicon & Collins Goose: framework set in August following federal guidelines being issued.
    • Sharp-tailed grouse: Oct. 18 – Nov. 9.
    • Bobcat (north of Highway 64) Oct. 18 – Dec. 31.
    • Fisher – trapping only - (various zones) Oct. 18 – Dec. 31.
    • Otter – trapping only – North Zone: Nov. 1-April 30; Central Zone Nov. 1 – March 31; South Zone: Nov. 1 – March 31.
    Hunters and trappers will receive a permit in the mail if their name is selected for a permit in the application process, except for turkey permits. For turkey permits, conservation patron license holders will get their permits in the mail, while other hunters will receive postcard notification and their permit will print off when they purchase their fall turkey license. People may check permit status online through the Online Licensing Center after drawings has been completed. Be sure to have your DNR customer ID with you as you will need to enter that number.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: DNR Customer Assistance 888-936-7463