Hunting blind window heights?

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  1. Looking to find out what people have used to judge window heights in blinds they might have built. Could be brush ground blinds or the luxury box blinds I see with smoke stacks and stoves. I currently am in the middle of building a blind that I hope to have out early this month. Everything has been finalized and cut for lumber except height requirements for my windows. I am thinking 36 inches is good enough because my blind will be on a hillside above the field edge / draw I hunt. I won't be too high but if the deer are in the middle of the draw, I will probably be pointed down slightly and I don't want to have to half stand to shoot. What have people done previously for heights and does anyone have suggestions if they have hunted from them?

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    Whatever you do, if you end up having multiple windows, make sure there is a way to black out the inside of your blind so the deer can't see your sillouette in there.

  3. It depends on your chair

    If you have a seat that you are planning on using, sit in it and figure out what would be a comfortable height for the window. Use the window frame as a rest when you shoot. Everyone is different, depending on your height and how hight the chair is.
  4. I was planning on having windows on all sides then decided to have the rear be windowless and the sides be tinted acrylic glass. The front will still have clear glass. Also going to paint the inside. Anyone used tinted and seen how much movement is seen?

    The jury is still out on my chosen chair for the woods. Thought about a card table chair but that sounds aweful uncomfortable (cushion used even). Another option is the office swivel chair. That one might take up more room than I want. Currently, this new blind is to replace a current blind that has been holding its own against the elements for over 8 years. Some remodeling and new boards to help a couple years ago. However, I think it might fall over this year if we aren't careful. Getting back to subject at hand, this blind is only going to 4x4 and used for a single person. Someone can strech out diagonally but still needs to manuver for the shot when the time comes. I am so confused:confused: Anyone had experience with what kind of chair they suggest or use in their own blinds.
  5. I would suggest and office chair with arm rests and one without rollers.
  6. I took a collapsable stadium chair out there this last weekend just to be able to sit comfortably. I can definately tell that I need to invest in an office chair. I might be able to find a used chair at the UW Swap shop near Madison. Would be nice just to swivel to shoot. Also would be nice to have adjustable height depending on who is sitting there in the future.

    Might be nice to have rollers only so you can scoot around if you need to reposition. I am planning on having carpeting in by this weekend.

    Anyone used roller chairs? Are they a nice option or more of a nuiscence?
  7. im looking for a used barber chair for mine, brand new ones are expensive