Hunting Land for Lease

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  1. Now accepting applications for the lease of ~59 acres in Southwest Wisconsin for hunting.

    This farm property consists of hay field, pastures and woods. The hay field is on the ridge while the woods are primarily on hillsides. There is an open meadow in the valley with a stream running through it. This land is located in northern Crawford County, west of highway 61. The closest campsites and motel are 6 miles east.

    Terms -
    No tree stands - only ground blinds are allowed.
    Maximum of 4 hunters at any one time.
    Written lease. Payment in full upfront and due when lease is signed.
    Price for gun deer hunting plus turkey hunting is $1,580 per year.

    Send inquiries or request an application by e-mailing [email protected].
  2. Rent Reduced...Hunting Land for Lease

    The rental rate for the 2010 - 2011 hunting season has been reduced to $1,025.

    Also, hunters must have liability insurance to be eligible renters.

  3. Hi,
    In my point of view the rental rate for the 2011 hunting season has been reduced to $1,000.And also hunters must have liability insurance, to be eligible renters.
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