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  1. Hello Wisc. Bear Hunters.

    I was in Park Falls the last week of Sept., I met a few of the local bear hunters that week. I was hunting grouse and a dog came to us after chasing a bear within 400 yards of us. We went back to the truck to call, and try to locate the owner. I was leaving a message and one of the bear hunting party pulled up in front of us. Talk about luck. I asked her if she knew the guy who owned the dog she said, he was with their party, and would get the dog back to him. She waited with us a while and we chatted about bear and grouse. While we talked they ended up getting the bear and one of the guys in my party wanted pictures. The three of us grouse hunters being from Indiana, don't see many dead bears (I have shot one while in Ontario, but other than that they had not seen a bear). We followed her to where everyone was, met a bunch of real nice people, got a few pictures and some info on where to find a few grouse.

    I just wanted to try and say Hello, to the people I met that day and see if anyone there remembered us Flatlanders from Indiana. I am also curious how the rest of the season went. If you remember three guys from Indiana who found your dog, or if your the person I gave my card to let me know. Jeff
  2. Where were you staying at in Park Falls? I go up there every summer with my family. Started going when I was 1, I'm 21 now (just fixing to be 22) and I haven't missed a summer up there yet!

  3. close to

    I rented a cabin. I will leave it at that lol

    not far from 13 and 70.

    I love it up there wish I could move, but we always seem to have soe wonder lust for our vacation spots
  4. That's awesome, I know right where you're talking. Do you ever get up to Butternut Lake? My family has been staying at the same resort, Northern Pines resort (formerly Bob's Northern Pines) the whole time we've gone up there and it's right on Butternut Lake. Great Muskie fishing on the lake.