i have the itch

Discussion in 'General Wisconsin Hunting' started by bowhunter, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. :bouncy:i have the itch its 106 days for bow hunting starts and only 96 days for bear cant wait:bouncy:
  2. We just started our baits so the fun starts for us. Went through 18 barrels of bait last year. Here's one that will get you going. We never got this bear last year so if it made it through the winter yowza!!


  3. i got my bear last year it was 300 and my hunting buddey has his tag this year we been baiting he has some big ones comeing in i will try to get some pic up
  4. Itch is an understatement now! Hopefully by this time 10 days from now will be standing under a bear tree!!!! There is enough crap between now and then to keep our minds off it. Never seem to get everything done before the July 1st season start!!
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    You can start scratching that itch by scouting now :) Get the game cameras out,... see what is going on.