I love the smell of bear bait in the morning

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  1. My brother and I opened up a barrel we had not opened since 2001, the last time he had a tag. It was a mix of candy cigarettes and shelled corn, and it had started to ferment some in 8 years. It was a great smell, we inhaled some every time we opened it, and to grab a pail full to start a couple new bait sites. We saw a smokey grey hen turkey and poults that day, and a buck starting antlers, a nice time together with the kids.
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  2. Awesome! I have been dipping into my barrel of hard peanut butter. Also looked to see what was in the bottom of another barrel. It was about 1 five gallon bucket full (left from 2 years ago) of Crazens! Mmmm Talk about fermenting! Im also down to the last barrel of chocolate mints (which are pretty good BTW)!
    What unit you hunting in? Im hoping to get some pics next week but am still debating if I will camera up the bait site this early/year

  3. Steve

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    That sounds like some nasty stuff. Hope the bears like it.
  4. Lots of bear

    I am seeing more bear this year than ever before. In the last two weeks I have seen ten different bears. All but one have been small....but the one that I saw on Friday was a shooter, at least 250 LBS. Sure makes me sad that I have at least two more years before I have a chance at getting a tag!!

    Here is Fridays bear....


  5. Nice, I would like to see him in about 3 1/2 months. Nice head on it!
  6. I would guess the bear in the photo is in summer fur now, he doesn't look at all rubbed or like it is shedding. My brother has a Zone A tag and I have a Zone B, I have not had a tag since 1997, his was 2001, I am glad this worked out this year. I start a new job Monday after almost 8 monthes off. I had a lot of misperceptions about being unemployed, I never was without a job for close to 40 years. I was beginning to think I would never work again, started to like being off. But I just needed to wait for a tool shop to get busy and hire me.
  7. I have a jacket I wear a lot during the bear season. Had not worn it since last year. Pulled it off thecoat rack to wear about a week ago. The smell of bear bait hit my nose the second I put it on. A nice mix of granola and sugar cones. Yummy!

    Only 8 more days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!