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    Well, first off I'll take some time to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Sturgis and I'm from MI. I LOVE hunting mature bucks so although I still have a passion for hunting my home state of MI, my "real" hunting is often done in Vernon County WI. I also am in the whitetail business a bit as the owner of , seminar speaker, and contributor to a couple hunting magazines includine Quality Whitetails. Bottom line...I LOVE WHITETAILS AND WHITETAIL HUNTING, especially for mature bucks :) I've been on the MI hunting site for I believe about 5 years and this site was brought to my attention by those involved with this site. I love to talk deer, watch deer, write about deer, and talk with other deer "idiots" like myself and I really look forward to getting to know you guys and having a healthy discussion about anything whitetail related. I've learned a great deal by being a part of the MI hunting site and really look forward to learning as much as possible from you guys in the great mature buck hunting state of WI;)

    I also wanted to share my recent buck harvest story....not terribly long, but I hope you enjoy the pictures!

    Again, got to love WI! Big hills, rock outcroppings, fertile ag land, and a high % of woods to farmland equals BIG BUCS...plain and simple.

    I was lucky enough to shoot this buck at 10:15 on 10/27, less than 4 hours after his picture was taken. As most of my oldest bucks have been shot...it was the first time using the stand, and shot in the morning. The stand is on the east side of a rock outcropping/bedding area that extends about 150 yards to the west on the upper 1/2 of a 300' change in elevation. I marked the tree for a stand in Feb/2007 after recent logging had opened a trail to within a couple hundred yards. It was a 45 minute walk in, both up and down, and I was VERY sweaty by the time I got to the stand. I saw no deer until 10:15 when a doe and fawn were quickly making theire way up from the bottom...followed by a few grunts. I first saw the buck at about 50 yards and with a 1/2 second glance at the mass and spread I knew he was at least 3.5 years old and a shooter.

    The next couple of minutes were a bit tense! The doe and fawn made there way directly to me and stopped behind me and to my left. I wasn't sure if they were spooky or not so I readied for a shot at 40 yards on the buck if I had to. But, the doe and fawn eventually just walked behind me and to the west while the buck began to make his way past the base of my tree. I ended up making a shot on him at about 15' and after sprinting to the bottom he expired.

    The shock to the entire scenerio is that I didn't even realize he was this buck until I found him. We have a 3.5 year old 12 point with a split G2 and 2 stickers so I thought it was him...I was pleasantly suprised to find he was the 16pt (with a couple borderline points:)) that is probably 5.5 years old! I believe I had this same buck under me for 5 minutes in Jan of 07 and couldn't get a shot...too close/too brushy. I ended up shooting him directly below that stand about 150 yards, about 150 yards from where his trail camera photo was taken. We had a few other trail photos in that spot of him and it's what made me want to take that 45 minute walk/climb into that stand (that and the pics of a couple other shooters I would have been happy with!)

    I thought you guys might also enjoy a picture of the tree that the stand was in (tree in left side of photo). The stand was facing left and I had this incredible view of the bottom below, as well as the nearby ridetops. I could only get the stand about 15' in the air, but it helped to have the other trunk on the downhill side. Out of my top 8 bucks (4bow,4rifle), 6 have been shot using the stand for the first time, in the morning, starting with the end of Oct. It's a pattern I plan all year for! I set the stand in early April.

    Anyways...hope you enjoy the pics-I had fun getting them and I look forward to talking with and learning from you guys!

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    Nice buck! Hopefully you'll be able to share your experiences and whitetail wisdom with us on this site as well as up-sportsman.com.

  3. Nice to see you on this forum Jeff I always enjoyed your posts on Michigan Sportsman. Congrats on a great buck.
  4. WOW - great buck and nice story to go with it. Congrats on an awesome buck.
  5. Congrats on a brute!!!!!! I love the pics! I agree both websites are great places!