I made my living killing crows (well almost)

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  1. in 1955 I was always in the out doors shooting my .22 or fishing.I was 14 years old. I ran into a farmer who asked me if I could kill crows and I assured him I could (shot 2 crows in 2 years but didn't tell him this), he had a truck farm about a half mile from me, he asked me if I would kill crows near his melon and sweet corn patches as they were destroying a lot of his crops and he would pay me a dollar apiece for each crow, instantly I thought of all the shells and maybe even a new Steven's 311 double barrel that cost about $60.00 then. I also thought he wasn't to bright paying that much money per crow and envisioning my pockets full of dollar bills. I was later to learn that the farmer was a genius but this was 10 or 20 years after the deal was struck.
    I started in late June, I was there at day break with my .22 hex barrel pump, I would see crows but they would always see me, I would get bored and go home and come back a couple of times a day. this went on for the next month's of July august , I would make blinds out of branches and other things, I spent a lot of time trying to out wit the dumb big black birds, every few weeks I would get a long shot that didn't have much chance of hitting one of them. the months rolled on and about the last part of august his crops were almost done I finally killed a crow on the way to the melon patch's, I felt guilty that I had shot it away from his property but still took it to him and he gladly gave me a dollar for it. soon after this I quit killings crows near his melon patch, I should say trying to kill crows.
    To this day when ever crow comes up in any way I laugh out Loud,that Farmer didn't have a problem with crows all that summer and it cost him 1 dollar and I now realize he was a genius for hiring me at a dollar a crow, the crows saw me every day and didn't damage his crops that summer and it cost him one dollar.
    Steve The almost millionaire crow Killer