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    Let Kids and Families Fish – Vote NO on Question #36
    I’m writing to ask you to please read this letter when it’s time for discussion on Question #36 about the Prairie River. I have enclosed the appropriate documentation.

    This part of the Prairie River runs right through the Gleason School Forest and then Boy Scouts Camp, with ideal areas for children to fish. Hundreds of people signed petitions to allow bait fishing. They were presented at the Lincoln County Conservation Congress meeting on April 12, 2004. Lincoln County members voted 69 to 6 that day to change back to allow bait fishing.

    All parties, the DNR, Friends of the Prairie, and local fisherman got together and agreed that it had been a bad idea to change this section to trophy water. This is the only section of the river had been used for over 50 years by families, church groups, schools and Boy Scouts, teaching children ages 3 to 15 the basics and fun of trout fishing. In 2007, the DNR proposed that this section go back to allowing bait fishing. It passed locally and statewide. The DNR said they needed it to change back so they could complete and compare two 5 year periods under different regulations and that “This study will help guide future trout management decisions.”

    This change, allowing bait fishing, is already printed in the 2008-2009 fishing regulations because of your votes last year. Unfortunately, a Trout Unlimited representative on the Natural Resources Board requested an “Emergency Stop” order on the regulation allowing bait fishing on the School Forest section of the stream. On February 27th of 2008, the Natural Resources Board on a 6 to 2 vote denied this emergency order. However, the T.U. member had already told the DNR to write question #36 his way (such that a “Yes” vote would mean closing this section of the river to bait fishing) and leave out that it was passed in favor of bait fishing by the 2007 vote. This should not be on the ballot but it had already gone to print before the Natural Resource Board defeated his special interest ploy.

    I’m retired, live in Chippewa Falls and had time to oppose the Order. In testimony and in arguing for the motion, children who bait fished in the Gleason School Forest were called “FISH KILLERS”. The T.U. Board member pointed to a 1984 photograph of a proud 3-year-old girl and her string of trout and loudly said “We can’t give the river back to these fish killers!”

    Trophy Trout (Brooks over 12 inches, Browns over 18 inches)? The maximum life expectancy for trout in this part of the river is 5 years. Why are 10 inch Brooks in the comments? After 5 years under failed trophy regulations there still is no proof of 12 inch Brooks or 18 inch Browns.

    Remember, fly-fishing equipment and waders for kids are expensive. It is hard to use this kind of gear from a riverbank. The Scouts haven’t camped and fished at the School Forest since bait fishing was made illegal.

    Please Vote NO on Question #36. Let your vote from last year count. This will allow children, families, local fisherman, and landowners who gave up their easements the right to fish their streams again.

    This is not a local issue. I live 150 miles from the Prairie River. Years past, when I fished there, before the change, I met families from Milwaukee, Chicago and Iowa camping with their young children at the School Forest sites.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Jack Ament 16176 93rd Ave. Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 (715)723-9069
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    refer all questions to Jack

    His name and number on bottom of his statement.