Ice fishing can't be that hard 1952

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  1. Ice fishing can't be that hard 1952
    it was Jan and it had been a cold Dec and Jan, the gravel pit's had frozen over, there was about a 1 1/2 feet of snow on the ground. I was bored to death setting in the house for days on end, being that I was about 11 at the time unless I was moving I was bored, we didn't own a T.V at the time and there wasn't much on the radio during the day, evenings was a whole nother thing, Amos's and Andy, the lone Ranger, and another one that I can't remember the name of but it always came on with a creaking door, that one was spooky. all ears were glued to the radio when these show's came on.
    I went down to see Goat my buddy to see what he was up to. we made the small talk about bass fishing the past summer, we didn't fish for Pan fish because we were big time sportsman, at least we thought we were, mainly we were bass fisherman legends in our minds, I think the biggest bass either of us had caught was about 14 inches up to that point.
    I had read in some magazine that corn bores and golden rod grubs were good bait for ice fishing and I was telling Goat about the article, I said there is no reason that we couldn't gather up a few hundred corn bores and some golden rod grubs and go ice fishing , he said How are we going to get thru that ice, I said it can't be all that thick and we will just use a axe, I finally convinced him and off to the picked corn fields we went.
    The corn stalks after picking were still fairly high as in those days the corn pickers only picked the ears off and left most of the stalks standing. we used our pocket knives to split the stalks, we had split a couple hundred and only found about 5 or 6 corn bores, we decided that maybe the golden rod's would have more grubs, we started in a vacant weed field, there were hundreds of golden rods, we could see clearly the swollen stalk where the grubs were, the golden rod stalk was about 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick and about 2 to 3 feet tall, it would have a bulge about 2/3's of the way up about the size of a quarter, we broke them off at the bulge and started cutting them open, they were tuff little buggers so we decided to break off the bulge area and fill our pockets and open them as we needed them, only about 25 % of them had a grub in them. when we had filled our pockets it looked like they had the mumps, it was hard walking as the golden rods had swelled our pants and coat pockets so much.
    we went back and picked up our axe and our casting rods and reels loaded with 20 pound braided line which would later prove to be dumb.
    we trudged across the fields to the gravel pits, as we slogged thru the foot and half of snow we talked about catching giant blue gills and maybe a big bass.
    we arrived after about 30 minutes, we were a little sweaty from the trek.
    being 11 we forgot there would be a foot and half of snow on the Ice, no shovel, we started kicking snow away from a couple of spots, well that worked pretty good except our legs felt like there were hundred pound weights tied to them before we got done, then we had to get down and use our hands to move the snow the last inch or so, we didn't have any gloves back them, our hands felt like we put them into freezing water so we warmed them under our arm pits before we could continue.
    after about five minute's we could feel our hands coming back to life and we proceeded to pick up the single bladed axe and start whacking at the ice, it was going pretty good except we had under estimated the thickness, it was about 12 inch's deep, we had started what we thought we needed about 12 inches around, well the deeper the hole got we had to widen it to about 2 feet because we couldn't get the axe into the small area after about a 6 inch deep hole had been chopped out, finally we broke thru, Goat was taking his turn at swinging the axe when the last of the Ice gave way to the water, well the water flew out and covered us as we widened the hole at the bottom of the 12 inch thick ice, our coats and pants froze where the water hit us,
    It was going to be worth it though, we had to scoop the crushed ice out of the water with our hands, we didn't know what a ice laddle was back then. we decided that we only needed one hole after all to fish out of, we baited our number 4 hooks with the 1/4 inch long grubs, the hook was almost as thick as the grubs and we squashed the tiny grubs on the best we could, there wasn't much left on the hook, just a little white looking stringy bit of grub about as thick as a sewing thread, we figured it wouldn't matter since I had read the baits are small for fishing thru the ice, we started lifting the line's up and down to give them some action, well after a few minutes that 20 pound braided line was as stiff as a steel rod after it got wet, we hadn't figured on this, now that I look back on that day a 10 pound carp couldn't have bent that line to signal a bite, we stayed there for about a hour and the wet spots on our pants were starting to burn our legs where the water from the splashed on us from the axe hitting the water getting us wet had froze, our hands were numb, we would switch hands putting one under our arm pits until we could feel our fingers and switch hands every few minutes, after about that first hour we looked at each other about the same time and decided this Ice fishing wasn't for us and we pulled our lines and goat had a sunfish about 3 inch's long on his hook, I don't know how that tiny fish managed to get that number 4 hook in his mouth, Goat took him off and threw him back in the hole and we half ran back because we were so cold.
    as I type this I can still feel the frozen pants burning my legs like a hot iron 51 years later
    It was many years later when I was in my late 20's that I ever went Ice fishing again
  2. Sounds pretty darn cold to me Steve, thats alot of ice to chop through i would have been headed back home after 6 inches and didnt go through...

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    That would put a damper on fishing. I used to use a spud to chop holes and one time got through 18" of ice to find 3" of water. The I went and bought an auger :)