Ice Fishing Fly Patterns

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  1. I have started tying flies for ice fishing. Anyone else doing this? How is it working? Lets discuss. Patterns, materials, fish, etc..:idea:
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    lots of work

    plenty of good ice fishing jigs out there for very cheap.

  3. I know. Its fun and a challange to see what I can trick em with. Anyone can buy a jig.
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    They are great for a second hook on your rig.
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    Ice flies

    Len you know you plain don't tye flies! To answer yes they can be extreemely effective. A few years back one of the biggest pro ice fishing tournies out in North Dakota was won by a 2 man team fishing standard tung. beadhead pheasent tail nymphs, there was an article with pics in the NAFC magazine. Beadheads with chart. or lime green bodies with a tiny thin porkrind teaser strip or tipped with a spike can be very effective, solid white or translucent white latex have taken many trout for me and iceflies with red glass bead heads sparce soft hackle collars and tipped with a teaser can kill on perch. Tie them direct to the line 18 to 24 inches above a lead ice jig. Often they take the most fish and even if they don't they serve as a addtional attracter and cover more of the water column. A camera showed me that the fly was acually getting way more bites then the jig lower down but without the camera the majority of hits were quick and very light and not detected.

  6. I caught both gills and slabs today on a green mylar beadhead tied on about 6" above a pink and white teardrop.
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    Often I don't catch as many fish on the fly, but a lot of times I do catch the largest fish on it.