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  1. So what kind of bows do all of you guys shoot?

    I shoot a Browning Bloodbrother with easton storm carbon arrows and 100 grain crimson talon broadheads. I think i'll be buying a new bow next year though.
  2. i shoot the gaurdian by bowtech!!!! 100 grain muzzy's, and 340 grain easton axis arrow's:D

  3. What kind of sight do you use? I have an old toxonics that doesn't pick up much light in the "low light" conditions. I think when I upgrade my bow, i'll have to do a total overhaul. Also I switched from my kwikee quiver to a bohning, talk about a dumb move, I hate that thing...I can't fit more than 3 arrows in there when they have broadheads on and no matter how much I tighten the thing down it always has a little movement to it:(
  4. due to two shoulder surgeries - I must now use a x-bow. I used to shoot a hoyt and killed many-many deer with it. I have a Ten Point x-bow now so if I want to hunt archery this is what I must use.
  5. Mission X-4 with a HHA Slider sight, QAD Pro Rest, Alpin Soft Loc Quiver, Carbon X 350's with 100 grn. Slick Tricks.
  6. kurtish

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    Mathews switchback, whisker biscuit rest, black gold flashpoint sight, easton axis with 100gr. montecs for an arrow weight around 420gr.
  7. I shoot a Matthews Z-Max with a drop away rest and carbon arrows (I can't remember the brands) and I use Thunderhead 125 broadheads.
  8. PSE Thunderbolt

    I shoot a PSE Thunder Bolt at 70lbs. Carbon Express Maxima arrows with Rage 2-Blade broadheads. Apex single pin sights and whisker biscuit rest. I like my set up very much.
  9. I use a Bow Tech Pro 40 with Vital Gear sight and rest. I like a hip quiver, it goes up the tree with my bow and hangs nearby.
  10. kodiak08

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    Mathew's DXT, drop away rest, 100gr G-5 Montecs, Carbon Express Maxima Hunters.
  11. I shoot a Martin Magnum fusion cam setup. 69 pounds of draw, 4000ACA's, Montec G5 broadheads(125gr), whisker biscut, impact sight with a single fiber-optic pin and a peep (shoots flat to approx. 35yds which is all I need), limbsaver modular stabilizer, ultra nock, and a ball bearing release.
  12. Steve

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    Bowtech Guardian, 100 grain Slick Tricks.
  13. Hoyt magna tech\, cobra sights, old fashon xx75 eastons logs, I will be switching to the slicks this year.
  14. mathews outback, carbon express arrows, rage 3 blade broadheads
  15. I'll give ya 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count. :biggrin:
    Seriously though I have been shooting Hoyt bows since the early 80s. Currently my hunting bow is a Hoyt Pro-Tech. I also have a Hoyt Defiante that I've taken elk, deer, turkey, and hogs with , that I set up this year for my quickly growing son to deer hunt with. I have owned and shot a couple dozen Hoyt bows over the years but every once in a while I find one thats extra special and I shoot it for years.

    :fish: For bowfishing I have several brands of bows set up. My favorite carp rig is a PSE.

    I also have a Bob Lee, Martin Hunter Elite, and a custom Harold Couch recurves that I attempt to hunt with.:bowdown: