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  1. Can somebody please explain the whole consept of bear hunting. Im a new hunter this year and I dont understand the points and such, could someone please explain.
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    Where are you hunting Dusty?

  3. Dusty,
    Wisconsin has a preference point system for bear hunting. The reason being there are more people applying for bear tags then there are tags issued. There are 4 bear management zones in Wisconsin, A , B ,C and D. Depending on what Zone you want to hunt it takes from aproximately 4 to 10 years of applying for preference points before you will draw a Kill tag. Zone C is the fastest to draw a kill tag and I believe that Zone B takes the longest.
  4. Dusty, Welcome to hunting and this site.

    Not real sure what you are asking about when you refer to concept.

    From the points system side of it. Tom is correct on his info. A thing to consider is the style of hunting you wish to pursue. That is with dogs or sitting over bait. Zone C is bait only. For now that is the shortest wait for a tag. I'm sure that will increase as the years go by.

    From another side though. It is the most exciting hunting a guy can do. At least for me since I am a hound hunter. I have lost the love for deer hunting as it has become very boring to me. Sitting in a tree is about the lamest thing I can do. Nothing but a cold nap. Even deer hunting I spend more time on foot still hunting than sitting anymore. That is if I even go. Kinda of have to yet during the gun season as I take a bunch of kids out. So sitting is the best option. Youngsters have a hard time slipping through the woods. It's a very long 9 days for me!! Getting up close and personal with a deer is no where near as exciting as with something that can eat you. The count down to next July and the start of hunting has already begun!!!
  5. Is there Public land for bear hunting at all. I just dont under stand the zones and all the things lol. and where do you apply for a tag?
  6. Dusty, you can hunt bear on any land open to public hunting. some areas have more of them than others. The bulk of the population is north of HWY 64. Some get spotted much further south every year. Just not a huntable population.

    The link provided will help a lot with all the zones, point, and tag information.