Inpro welcomed into DNR Green Tier program

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    Contact(s): George Volpentesta, DNR air management engineer 262-574-2150, Amanda Goetsch, Inpro, 262-679-9010

    MUSKEGO, Wis. - Inpro, a global manufacturer of interior and exterior architectural products joins other Wisconsin Green Tier companies committed to exceed the standards in environmental regulations. At a ceremony at their facility today, employees and guests celebrated the company's accomplishments and its commitment to a greener, more sustainable economy.

    "We are excited to welcome Inpro into the Green Tier family of Wisconsin businesses," said Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp. "Inpro has shown their commitment to going above and beyond compliance, which can enhance both the bottom line and the environment."

    Inpro, a global manufacturer of interior and exterior architectural products was welcomed into DNR Green Tier program
    Photo Credit: Bart Smith (Inpro)

    The DNR Green Tier program recognizes and rewards companies that demonstrate a commitment to superior environmental performance. Inpro is a Tier 1 participant in Green Tier program and in exchange for their commitment to environmental performance, DNR offers benefits to Tier 1 participants including a single point of contact with the department for easier communications and the use of the Green Tier logo in written marketing materials.

    Inpro's environmental efforts have impacts on many levels, from small changes to daily facility operations, to large investments in energy-saving systems to their Muskego facility which houses 450 employees.

    Some projects include installing timers on baseboard heaters, replacing 23 toilets to save over 900,000 gallons of water and $9,000 each year, installing a high speed garage door to save on heating and cooling costs and energy use and purchasing an energy efficient grinder which is only run during off-peak hours to reduce stress on the grid.

    Recently Inpro made a large financial commitment to purchase state-of-the-art software for credentialing sustainability efforts. These tools will help Inpro find ways to decrease the overall environmental impact of its products and measure, track and improve upon numerous environmental, social and economic metrics.

    "Inpro's commitment goes beyond protection," said Amanda Goetsch, Inpro sustainability manager. "Our goal is to operate and produce products through a sustainability lens of environmental, social and economic performance and responsibility for the betterment of all stakeholders."

    Other examples include setting thermostats to 62 degrees during non-work hours, using double-sided coping, electronic newsletters and reusing pallets and cardboard from neighboring businesses.

    According to Goetsch, Inpro has a strong corporate culture that is committed to business practices where environmental protection helps the bottom line. With an obligation to future generations, she says they will continue pushing the envelope to improve efficiency.

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