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    I am the only son. I have 5 sisters. My mother is 84 years old. We divide things between us kids on looking out for my mother. My area I have been given is the Home and Car Insurance. Ever so often I look at my mother's insurance policies and evaluate them to see if they are proper. Five years ago I looked at my mom's insurances and they were way out of whack.

    She owns a house that is valued at 62,000 and with the land the house/Land comes up to 85,500. Her home was being insured for 200,000 with contents. I called the agent to inquire. He called my mother's policy a Platinum Policy. Her deductible was at the lowest amount possible. She had never made a claim in her life. After I was done with speaking to the agent I lowered my mom's household policy by 60 percent and her car policy by 25 percent. I decided that the policy must have been a mistake that I passed off as my mother being elderly and signing off on something she didn't know a clue about.

    I went for my weekly visit to my mother today and she handed me her insurance again and said it had gone up lots in the last 6 months. I gave her a hard time for not telling me sooner. I looked at the policies and they were way out of whack again. I called her agent and adjusted it. I saved my mother who is 84 living on Social Security 214 dollars in 6 months on one call.

    I wonder how many old people are being taken advantage of out there?

    I called the insurance home office and filed a formal complaint and had the agent removed.