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    Lets hear your tales?????

    Wisconsin has a statute that is used often on overbearing land owners.
    We have a keep your feet law and all public bridges are accesses and anglers
    can fish as long as they enter at public area and stay with wet feet.

    It is Wisconsin State Statute 29.083(2)
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    "Cry Wolf"

    We have a landowner in my neck of woods who is bad.

    He made up a fake sign that looked like it was from WDNR

    that said due to some migratory bird... fishing was not

    allowed under his bridge. He calls the Sheriff's

    Department so often they call him "The Cry Wolf" guy.

    Last May 4 anglers called the police on him. In a drunken

    rage he sicked his dog on the 4 anglers "all were fishing"

    from a public bridge. It bit three of the four. He then

    drove over the bridge at a high rate of speed and swerved

    at 4 anglers causing them to dive off the bridge to keep

    from being hit.

    The land owner was charged and received about $2,000 dollars

    in fines and the enhancer was added to his punishment.

    If he has any contact with anglers and causes troubles again

    his hunting and fishing privileged will be revoked for

    FIVE years along with a hefty fine.

  3. That's unfortunate... must be a life member of PETA. :coco: