It Is Called Catching Not Fishing

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    I know that I have it reversed.

    The typical statement is: "It is called Fishing not catching."

    Today was the exception to the rule.

    My friend Scott and I hit the water at 6am...We got off at 11am.

    Scott came all the way from Milwaukee area so I let him have all the holes first.

    Scott's morning started well with this brown.


    Scott only caught one more brown today.

    Scott landed *6* doubles today.


    He was throwing a black bugger with green crystal flash with a pheasant tail dropper.

    The bugger was worn out by the end of the morning and only had green crystal flash on it.


    This was the typical brookies Scott was landing.

    I followed Scott and landed 50 brookies.

    Scott ended the morning with 105 trout to hand.