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  1. me sick to see a McCain/Palin ad on this site. They use the same old BS of how the "Dems" are going to "take your guns away".:tsk:

    "The only choice for sportsmen."....They claim......... hahahaha...... as McCain/Palin back policies that lower EPA standards and let their cronies dump and pollute more of what is left of our environment.

    It is as bad as those who drive around with "Sportsman for Bush" bumper stickers, misguided to say the least.
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  2. You are correct Thorton.....we should all just give up our freedom that so many have died for and become socialists.

  3. And there is an example of the mentality those ads appeal to.:coco:

    McCain talks a big game on patriotism, but when it comes to taking care of those who enlisted and have served, he votes to cut veteran's benefits everytime. Wise up.......
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  4. You are correct again, I am one of the people that the adds appeal to. But I doubt that you have a clue why they appeal to me, so I will help you to understand. First I am not a McCain supporter, I beleive that either McCain or Obama will be another step in the downward spiral that this country is in. The whole political system has become a disaster with both parties trying to "buy" elections by giving away money and rights that are not the goverments to give. We the voters are not smart enough to stop what is happening. We keep supporting one or the other parties and keep electing moraly bankrupt people into high political office, while stating that our choice is the only correct choice. Usually with personal attacks such as the one you made that prove nothing. Today there is very little to choose from between the candidates, the only real difference that I can see is how many of our freedoms we are will to give up, and how many of our principles we are willing to compromise. Campaign promises mean nothing, we do not hold elected officials accountable, so they are free to lie at will. So yes I will be voting for McCain, not because I think that he is worthy of my vote, only because Obama's record indicates that I will have to give up freedoms which I hold dear (these include more than just guns). So I will hold my nose and cast a ballot that will make me sick.

    Think about this....if JFK were on the ballot today he would be an ultra conservative. That is a long ways to slide in a few short years!!

    I truely fear the world that we are leaving to our children.
  5. Holding your nose and voting for McCain is not helping your children or grandchildren.

    Kennedy was a great president, too bad he was killed by a nobody, only Clinton was better in the last 48 years.
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  6. Congratulations to Obama.....hopefully he will be able to unravel some of the mess that this country has endured in the last 8 years. It won't be easy........