It was a great day!

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  1. Every year for our wedding anniversery my wife buys my Paitrons license and bear pursuit tag $170.00 later I'm good to go for another year. The first year she did it I thought it was a great idea of a gift that gives 365 days of joy to any outdoorsman. She's a great gal!
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    Definitely a keeper.

  3. I got my patron license and tags in the mail this week, I hold my hand up and the bottom is on the floor, looks a little like a green snake that is 7 foot long.
  4. My bride would do that only if I promised to use all of them most of the time! After 23 years she is looking for ways to get me out of her way!
    I agree, she is a keeper!

  5. Hmmm I never looked at it that way. Let's see a couple weeks in the spring chaising turkey.

    Then July through Mid Oct. chaising bear

    Then Waterfowl hunting and bow hunting the Rut for deer

    Then the Gun season for deer

    Then Muzzloader hunt for deer

    Then late season bow hunt for deer

    Then when there is good snow hunt Yotes with the calls and hounds. Got done with this first weekend in March.

    Turkey starts again in a few weeks for me.

    You could very well be onto something there!! Also no wonder I feel so tired. :biggrin:
  6. Don't forget all the fishing in between.

    WD- we got snow again! Will be out for the first time in almost a month come morning:bouncy:

  7. I had to work! :irked: