Its almost over

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  1. Yesterday Woodcock season closed with a whimper, and I have never figured grouse out after the leaves drop.
    I have a couple phez left on the farm and don't hunt deer. So besides waiting for some decent weather, things are winding down. Where did October go?
    It seems October was either HOT, WINDY, or raining (way too often). OR maybe I am getting old and fussy..
    So whats left in your Upland Plans guys?
    Bout the only other thing is a preserve hunt or two. (not for me, but for the dog)
  2. It truely is a sad day when the wc season ends. I look forward each fall to seeing the prince of the poplar. It was a bit of a disappointing season not near the numbers that I have seen in the past. I had one 40 flush day but the rest of them were pretty bleak.

    The rest of the season will bring chasing the 'king' around the woods. I have had good luck again this year with grouse numbers, hope this continues!!

    Good luck on the rest of your season.


  3. :D

    I like that.
  4. In Indiana we don't get the woodcock flights you guy do...have hunted them in the UP and Northern Wisconsin. As for grouse, we have to go to Northern Mich. for them.

    October was tough here too. One good thing is Mich pheasant in the southern half opened Oct. 20, so that gave me a chance to get the dogs out. Ohio opened Nov. 2, so I spent a couple of days there. We open Nov. 9. Can't wait.