It's like Christmas with guns.....

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by GBP, Nov 14, 2007.

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    Good and safe hunting to all of us.

    The shopping is done. Thank you Cabellas, Fleetfarm, Dunhams,Walmart and Pick n Save. As usual, my wife wishes you all never existed.The truck is ready as it'll ever be. The buckets of clothes are washed in scent free soap. The guns are all sighted in and licenses are in the glove box. And work this week? I'm glad I'm not payin me. One more sleep though. Tomorrow night we leave.
    It's been a great pre-season and anticipation is at an over dose level. Bow season was nice. It's my favorite method. But the 10 day season? It's like Christmas with guns. The other 51 weeks pale in comparison.
    Deer camp! The reunions,stories,cardgames,fried's a re-birth. My 38th season. Ahh, the memories. I'm gonna make everyone listen to them again,too. But I'll listen too, like it was the first time I've heard them. The new memories are about to be made.
  2. My sentiments, as well. Hoping everyone has a fun and safe hunt. Bring your cameras so we've got stuff to look at after the holiday.

    This is always the longest day of the year....

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    the car's packed, headed to Milwaukee after work today. Shotgun's sited in like a tack hammer.:cool:

    Last comment, keep safe, better to eat a tag and live to hunt next year.:)
  4. Have a safe season everyone. I got all mine during the best season of all....BOWHUNTING !!!!!
  5. Go get'em boys and lets see some pictures of the mighty bucks !!