Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

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  1. To Whom it may concern

    I am the third generation owner of G&H DECOYS, mfg. Inc.; established in 1934. We are one of the last of the manufacturing of quality American made products and I submit the following suggestions to create jobs, therefore, to reduce unemployment and increase sales of American made products, to wit;

    Suggestion one: U.S. Congress should consider passing a jobs bill that would allow anyone a 15-20% tax rebate for the purchase of American Made products, that is, not just assembled, but 100% manufactured in the U.S.A. as this would stimulate sales and create jobs in North America and should level the playing field with China.

    Suggestion two: Assist small business owners that have SBA loans on lowering the interest rate and , in case of seasonal businesses, such as farmers, home builders, landscapers, etc., to have the option to adjust the payment schedule according to their cash flow requirements.

    Suggestion three: Make SBA loans available to be used as cash flow in order to enable the employer to train and hire additional workers to increase production.

    All the above would be a realistic and doable effort to create jobs in North America and would be an AKA true stimulus; jobs bill.

    Any questions pertaining to the above please email ([email protected]) or call (1-800-443-3269) as I would be most happy to discuss this matter further.

    May God Bless America
    Duck G